Sharing information of a GIS manor. From GIS search solutions to news and how-to's for location based searching.


GIS Search

Gis Search is a portal to GIS news and information.
This site will show you how to perform geo-coding of data, and contains information about geographical search engines. One of the authors is also the creator of LocalLucene and LocalSolr, the open source geographical search engines. Below are a few select articles from the GIS search online book.

More chapters are available inside the book, and as always feed back is welcome !


Query and Location extraction

Pretty much most search applications today have a standard interface.
A simple text box and a search button.

However when performing a geographical search, th

ChefMoz case study

A question that is often asked, how and where do I get geographical data from.
Technology is generally the easy part, getting the data is tough.


Geocoding is the term used to describe the conversion of an address to
a latitude an


Local Lucene

Local lucene is an effort to provide geographical search capibilities to Java Lucene.
Local lucene is not a search engine in itself but the libaries and capabiliet


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