ChefMoz Index

Right now if all has gone well you should have an indexed version of chefmoz in
LocalSolr. You should be able to view it by going to:


Which is a location somewhere in New York.

Different methods of querying data. As this is a solr extension we support most lucene / solr queries.
The exception is filter queries, we may re-enable those in the future.

Sorting by distance, is performed by adding &sort=geo_distance asc

http://localhost:8983/solr/select?q=*:*&qt=geo&lat=42.717751&long=-73.80781&radius=25&sort=geo_distance asc

Decending is done by &sort=geo_distance desc

You can also do something like sort by over all rating, &sort=overallrating desc (generally you sort ratings from highest to lowest)

There are multiple forms of output from solr as well, for instance if you want to write a javascript client for solr
then JSon is prehaps the easiest format to deal with. This can be accomplished by adding &wt=json.


More details on solr's write templates / response writers (wt) are available