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Query Location Extraction Using Solr

Solr is an application based on lucene, available from Apache Solr , it provides a simple implementation
of the lucene search libraries.

Location Data

To begin you will need 2 sources of data, US zip code data, and population statistics.
You can often find this data for free, but you get what you pay for.

Several places to get zip data from

Location extraction application

The architecture used for this example, has a location extraction application, which takes
a users request, separates the query from the location, and forwards it on to your search engine.

Chapter 3: Query and Location extraction

An often asked question, how do you solve a single box input for a geographical search. Where you've got to separate out a users query from a location.

Query and Location extraction

Pretty much most search applications today have a standard interface.
A simple text box and a search button.

However when performing a geographical search, th

Compiling LocalSolr

While the best endeavors are made to keep the LocalSolr demo up to date.
It often slips behind the latest version in our repository.

This article will show y

ChefMoz Index

Right now if all has gone well you should have an indexed version of chefmoz in

To configure solr / local solr for th...

To configure solr / local solr for the ChefMoz example you must change a few configurations
in the local solr example.

Begin with downloading the local solr

Using ChefMoz data

Once you download the ChefMoz data, you will need to parse it, geocode the addresses, and convert
it to solr's xml format for indexing.

We will do this with

ChefMoz case study

A question that is often asked, how and where do I get geographical data from.
Technology is generally the easy part, getting the data is tough.

Chapter 2: A GIS example from beginning to end

This is an example of how to create a geographical search engine
from data acquisition, to geo-coding, to indexing and then searching.

Using Local Solr

Beginner Level
Under the covers of the demo, there are several processes occurring.

Quick Start

Beginner Level
This is a one pager on how to get up and running with a geographical search engine.
Later on we will di

Chapter 1: Introduction to Geographical Search

The GIS Book containing details and examples for creating GIS based content.
These couple of pages will hopefully break you in gently to the world of geographical searching.


Geocoding is the term used to describe the conversion of an address to
a latitude an


Local Lucene

Local lucene is an effort to provide geographical search capibilities to Java Lucene.
Local lucene is not a search engine in itself but the libaries and capabiliet

GIS Search

Gis Search is a portal to GIS news and information.